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Meet our Team!

Samantha Nicholls. Gymnastics coach. Gymnastics club owner. motivational speaker. hunter region. friendly passionate gymnastics coach. small local business. business owner

Sam has a fire in her belly to help develop children to be strong individuals both mentally and physically. She uses gymnastics as a tool to teach leadership skills and life lessons by listening to the needs of each child and mentoring them through their challenges. And that's the reason she started Gymnastics 21. 

Her absolute love is developing strong teams - from her employees, to her gymnasts. Teaching the dynamics in using their strengths and encouraging each other to push themselves to grow and thrive. And there's alot of celebrating in the room when goals are achieved.


She has been apart of the sport for nearly 20 years. As a child she trained in Sydney and competed in high level gymnastics. She then moved to the Hunter region as a teenager and coached in most clubs around the region.

Fun facts about Sam:

  • She volunteers for causes to help the planet

  • She loves to travel and finds peace in nature

  • She loves to dance and sing as a way to express her emotions

Gayle shares the same values as the club of developing young leaders and is also passionate about personal growth in children.


She has been a life long member of G21. Her two daughters worked their way through our 'Rec Gym' pathway and are now competing in our 'Team Gym' program. She says she has seen immense personal growth in her girls since joining Gymnastics 21.


She is now working on our team as the customer relations officer. She answers all your enquiries and handles all class bookings.

Fun facts about Gayle

  • She is a book keeper by trade

  • LOVES to bake

  • She grows her own veggies in her backyard


Destiny is a rising leader on the G21 team. She has a passion to mentor kids to set goals and hold them accountable. She loves seeing the transformation and growth the kids go through in their journey of gymnastics.

Her special joy is working with special needs in our Gym Ability program. Something she hold close to heart as her own children have been diagnosed with disorders. It fills her heart to be see children enjoying movement and achieving things that may seem easy to others yet harder for these guys, which is why it's so full filling!

You will see her in the gym most days teaching Under 5's, Rec Gym and of course Gym Ability.

Fun facts about Destiny:

  • She loves to tie dye

  • She has 5 sons

  • Loves walking on her hands


Amelia has been involved with gymnastics for over 10 years. She has competed in many gymnastics events in WAG as well as Team Gym on a state level.


She is now learning the 'flip' side to gymnastics being one of our youngest coaches on the team. She loves helping kids work through mental barriers with skills and makes them feel more confident in themselves.

Coaching 'Rec Gym' is her specialty, however she is now learning to coach her very own Team Gym class and looks forward to taking them to their first competition.

Fun facts about Amelia:

  • She collect Crystals

  • She is obsessed with Trampoline

  • She loves to dance

Isabella Metcalfe. Gymnastics 21 coach. Leader in the making. fun and friendly coach. coach for kids

Isabella is an enthusiastic learner for life! Even as our youngest coach on the team, she is already rising to challenges and showing great leadership skills. 

She has been involved in gymnastics and trampolining for the past 10 years and has competed in various state, country and local competitions. 

Not only is she a coach but she is a judge as well! She dives into as many learning opportunities as she can. Her goal is to assist children in achieving goals and positively influencing every aspect of their lives through gymnastics. She aspires to be in a leadership role.

Fun Facts about Isabella

  • She is a Junior Girl Guide Leader

  • Loves camping and the outdoors

  • She is learning to be a pilot


Bek loves finding different movement patterns to help break down skills to tailor her teaching style to the individual.

Bek is adaptable and has a sense of curiosity. Her background of performing arts, martial arts and education gives her plenty of tools to diversify her teaching.

Her charismatic personality helps new children ease into the lesson and feel more settled. You will see her bubble self in our Rec Gym classes.

Fun facts about Bek:

  • She can sing whilst on a trapeze

  • She likes tumbling forwards more than backwards

  • She has her black belt in 3 different martial arts.

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