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Samantha Nicholls is the owner of Gymnastics 21 and is passionate about helping individuals build strength, flexibility and confidence so they have the fundamentals not just for gymnastics but for life in general. Trained as a competitive gymnast herself for 10 years, she has the passion and drive that motivates anyone willing to learn something new. 

Samantha has been involved in gymnastics for 16 years and has gained in-depth knowledge on how to help individuals achieve their goals.

With experience working with ages from 1yrs - 65yrs in recreational gymnastics and competitive gymnastics, she has been able to expand her knowledge and share it amongst all of her participants. She is able to adapt to any ability or style of learning, so you are assured you will get quality coaching. Recently she developed gymnasts in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics in Levels 1 through to 7 with the outcome of her gymnast winning Hunter Champion for 2016.

Her accreditation of Advanced module 1 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) and Intermediate Gymnastics For All (GFA)  accreditation will soon be upgraded to an Advanced WAG and Advanced GFA . Her other accomplishments are; Cert IV in small Business Management, First Aid and Working with children check, Child protection and harassment and discrimination awareness, Members protection Information Officer, Finalist for Youth Worker of the year in 2014, Highly commended youth worker of the year in 2015 and has studied Mindfulness for well being and peak performance, and finalist for young entrepreneur of the year 2017.

In her spare time, Samantha volunteers for 'Mem's Soul Food' as a youth worker. Mem’s Soul Food (MSF) is a not-for-profit charitable organisation that delivers life-changing programs, as well as personal coaching and meditation for families and young people, with the aim to provide them with the ‘Recipes To Life': essential life lessons and guidance.-

Fun facts about Samantha:
- She gets uncontrollably excited when one of her participants achieves a skill. Hi 5s are a must!
- Her feet become the helping hands when her hands are full.
- Her business name is Gymnastics 21 because she had the epiphany to start her own business at the age of 21. 


Georgia has a passion to inspire the next generation of gymnasts to find their love of gym as a way of life. She loves to see new faces light up then they get a new skill.

Georgia grew up loving gymnastics, she competed in WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics), performed in displays and competed nationally in cheerleading. As a child she wanted to be just like her gym role models and be able to pass on the excitement that gymnastics gave her.

She now holds an Intermediate Coaching and Judging accreditation with the aim to gain her Advanced qualification. She has a current working with children check and First Aid Certificate. She is studying full time at uni including honors research.

Fun facts about Georgia:
- She is a fan of lemons
- She thinks that being upside down gives a new perspective
- She is studying to be a speech pathologist


Katy loves the reward of seeing the children achieving their gymnastics skills and even more so their life skills through the sport.

She was a competitive gymnast herself reaching level 7 in Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG). She had quite a successful career as a gymnast winning State Championships twice, Country Championships three times and Nationals twice. She was awarded Junior female sports person of the year in 2006.

Katy has excelled with her gymnastics education since starting with G21. With attaining her Intermediate Coaching accreditation, she has a desire to work her way up the ladder in coaching and develop more skills to help her be the best coach she can be. She has a current Working with Children Check. She recently applied to study Bachelor Social Work at Newcastle university. She has the dream to help people and do all she can to mend the parts of the world that is within her reach.

Fun facts about Katy:
- She has a puppy names Myla
- She loves adrenalin, she jumped out of a plane in Switzerland.
- She can walk on her hands



Amelia has been a gymnast since she was 5 years old, She is now keen to learn the 'flip' side to gymnastics being our youngest coach on the team.

She has been involved with gymnastics for 9 years. She competed up to level 4 in WAG (Women's Artistic Gymnastics) and won gold on Floor apparatus and third at State Championships. She now competes with gymnastics 21 'Team Gym' squad and placed third on Tumbling and second on Mini tramp and Floor at hunter festival 2017. She has also been a dancer for 10 years.

Amelia has attained her beginner coaching accreditation. She will continue to attend professional development conferences and workshops to advance her skills and knowledge. Her next goal is to attain her intermediate Gymnastics For All (GFA) qualification. Amelia is a very resilient and strong young woman and we are excited to continue to watch her grow not just into an excellent coach but as an amazing woman who will inspire anyone who meets her.

Fun facts about Amelia:
- She collect Crystals
- She is obsessed with Trampoline
- Her mum is her Hero


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