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Developing young leaders by mentoring each child through their journey of gymnastics.

Classes for

under 5's


Does your little one like to climb and monkey around? Utilising their energy to learn how to move and fall safely is essential for their physical development


Starting gymnastics at a young age develops new neuro pathways in your child's brain that makes them better at problem solving and critical thinking. Ideal for getting your child ready for school!

These classes aren't called physical literacy for nothing!

gymnastics class for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year old. teach your child the right technique so they don't hurt themselves. learn to do a cartwheel, handstand, flips. Rutherford, Maitland, Thornton

Your child will learn more about personal growth mindset with our qualified coaches mentoring them on how to navigate through the challenges that naturally comes when learning a new sport.

Your child will work through our progressive 7 badge level pathway to ensure there is steady learning for their gymnastics skills and we honour their achievements at the end of every term with a celebration.


This class really showcases your child's leadership skills. Here they learn how to use each others strengths to advance the team, learn accountability, and lift each other up - not just physically but mentally as well. This is when your team feels like family.


To be eligible for this class your child must of completed their badges in our Recreational program or if your child has done competition before you can request a trial where our coaches will do an assessment.

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