Gym, Yoga, Mindset


Perfect for children who are lacking self confidence, social skills and motivation


Your child will learn just how powerful their minds and bodies truly are!

Come for half the day or full day!

Half day - $30.90

Full day - $52.53

Beginner Tumbling


No experience needed to join this beginner class. Your child will learn the very foundations of all tumbling including, rolls, handstands, cartwheel variations and bridge.


Intermediate Tumbling


Your child must be competent in ALL beginner level skills (refer above). In this intermediate class they will learn round off, front walkover, back walkover, side aerials, front handsprings and front saulto. 


Advanced Tumbling


Your child must be competent in ALL intermediate level skills (refer above). In this Advanced class they will learn back handsprings, round off connections, front aerial, back saulto and front saulto variations.


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